Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cj's Zen Poppers--Inspirationals from Zentangles

Good morning,

I don't know if I've written about this yet; maybe I have. I recently came across a link for, and starting reading it. I joined their newsletter.

The term zentangle is coined/owned by Rick and Maria, but it is an artform that has been around a long time.

Reading other sites/forums, I've found that people have been doing this doodle thing but there never was a tradename for it before Maria and Rick. I suggest you check out their site.

Being as I love doodles, and I'm sure you've know, if you read very many of my posts, I like scribble drawing. But this whole concept of all the patterns in a layout has really revved up my creations. I just love it.

The first one featured here was done on 7/22/11. It is recommended that you do one each day, as it's very relaxing.

You can buy a starter kit at, but I just use index cards, the smaller size, and a regular ballpoint pen. I use my lighted magnifying light to help me see it really close up. I start my outline just however I feel, and after it is done, I go back and fill it in.

These are hand-drawn, and although my hands are shaky, I am finding that practicing this art form has actually helped me get more control over my tremors.

I have also done these digitally. Since I love doing my own graphics, patterns, etc., I use my own elements that I've created to fill them in. I will post a few of the digital zen poppers next.

If you are looking for patterns to use to fill in with, there is a zentangle pattern site too! There is an alphabetical list of all the pattern names, as well as pictures with them. They show you how to do them, step by step. It is fantastic.

I carry my cards in a ziplock baggie, and take them wherever I go. When I have a free minute, I grab a pen and start coloring one of the pattern outlines in. It's hard to stop once you get started.

This zen popper was done on 7/21/11. I often place another blank index card over the part of the drawing where my hand touches to make sure I don't smear it. I bought a very thin-lined sharpie for detail work, but left the top off, and it dried out. Too expensive to keep replacing those. I'll stick to the standard ball point pen.

This fish was done on 7/13/11. I think you can see the progression of how much my layouts have changed each day.

I have always seen shapes and graphics in clouds, woodwork, floor tiles, and in almost anything, anywhere! And darn! It's really bad now (but in a good way). I am seeing them everywhere. It's good to carry a stack of index cards, so when I see one, I can jot it down for future use.

I hope you've enjoyed these ... and do checkout and zentangle patterns. Excellent resources. Even if you can't draw ... you can zentangle!



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