Thursday, January 3, 2013

Free Scrapping Orange and Green Accessories: pngs

Good morning,

And it's Thursday!  Today's pngs are some colorful accessories to decorate your scrapbooking and card making with; yeah!

Orange colors have a vibrant intensity.  You sense warmth and excitement.  According to Woman's World (1/9/12 issue, pg. 21), studies show it can even raise your body temperature!  Wow!

And green is great.  Staring at green can ease eyestrain and tension.

Use accessories digitally or print them out and put them together yourself.

Tips for using:  Make a word circle with the top one:  one or two words in the center.  A blue word would be pretty.  Make a border out of the small ones.   If you use the one with the leaves, reverse the image each time. Or put the pointy end OUTward.  Use three of the plain flower in three different sizes.

How would you use them?

Easy.  Fun.  And FREE!

Enjoy today!


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