Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday Free JPG for a little note card

Good Friday morning!

The weekend is almost here ... and we'll being "Taking Time To REST".  And play, of course.

The is a jpg, and it would make a nice little note card.  Of course, there may be other ways you want to use this free graphic.

Actually, the history of this graphic is this.

When I had my whipple surgery back in July 2012, I had to take two months off for recovery.  "Flat on your back" kind of recovery.  Besides the pain of the surgery, it is extremely painful to lie on your back after only a few short days, much less two months.

There wasn't much to do except watch tv, but the constant showing of the same shows over and over again got boring fast.

I couldn't sit at my computer.   Sitting up an hour or two or three a day was all the exercise I could manage.  So being creative, and having to try to do SOMETHING creative each day, I went back to sketching by hand.  This helped a ton ... because it took my mind off my pain and made me feel like I was accomplishing "something".

I had bought a hard-bound journal just for sketching before surgery.  I had new pencils, new ink pens, colored pencils and I made a template for making some flowers.   I filled every page of that journal before I could return to work.  Not only did I fill it, I filled about 50 typing pages clipped to a clipboard.  Lots and lots and lots of sketches.

This sketch was done on 9/17/12.  After completing those sketches, I wondered what to do with them.  I was able to scan this particular sketch, and then I used it to write a thank you note to someone who took time to send me a card.  Finally ... a useful purpose.

The sketch was just in pencil and black and white ink.  There was a time I tried coloring it in, on the digital I had left, but I wasn't happy with it.  So, I just saved it.

But this morning, I decided to try it again.  This would make a fine coloring page for kids (big or little).  There's lots left to color.  I only colored in the background, did some shading of the leaves, and colored just the frog in.  I love how it turned out.

I replaced the writing I had on the original, which said, "So sweet."  I digitally added "Taking Time To" and left my hand drawn REST in.

Go on and snag the jpg, and enjoy using it.  I think they'd make cute notes.

Have a wonderful weekend ... and I'll be back tomorrow.


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