Sunday, January 20, 2013

Decorate a card today!

Good morning,
This morning, I made a card front for a friend.
That's an old picture of me.
I believe I was about thirty-something.
Probably late 30's.
I like the card front on black.
Here is a png of the front card.
You chose the picture to put in it.
Here are some additional flowers I made
to go along with decorating the
rest of your card.
Unfortunately, I am still having trouble
getting my blogger to post my words
against the left edge.
The background paper is a seamless
background I made for this card.
And here is another border flower, and
three additional flowers to decorate
Have a wonderful Sunday.
P.S.  It is another beautiful Sunday in
my city.  Yesterday was the same.
We are expecting frigid temps very soon.
I believe it's coming in either tomorrow
or Tuesday.
I am off tomorrow.
I work at home on Tuesday and Wednesday,
so I won't be dreading it til Thursday.
I'll be bundling up!

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