Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gas Prices and Work

Good Sunday Morning to you all!

Gas prices rose this week to almost $4/gallon. Something has got to change.

Sometimes, I wish I could be like this snail. Work from home, and not have to worry about all the stress from rising prices. Times are ludicrous!

I have heard that in the very distant future, it could actually cost us $10/gallon. I guess we won't need the roads updated, and the car dealers can quit selling new cars, because only the rich will use either of them.

At work, I hear people talking about investing in another form of transportation: scooters for back roads, motorcyles, etc.

My little red Honda Civic EX used to only need $15-$20 a week to a week and a half to get to work and back. Now, I draw the limit at putting $30 in it, although $30 no longer fills it completely.

Hey! I heard a really good tip at one of my Eons groups, and thought I'd pass it along to you. Ever pull out aluminum foil or saran wrap and have the entire roll fall out? All the time! Well, look on the side of the outside box: see two little tabs to push in which locks your rolls inside their boxes! When I read this tip, I had to run check it out. Sure 'nuf! It's there. Amazing!

Last weekend, I bought a Cricut Expressions and the Design Studio. Talk about a lot of new things to learn. Today, I hope to really get into some of it!

Enjoy the graphic today, and if you'd like to pick up some more, head on over to my site at for lots more. They're free to use!

Have a great Sunday.

See you soon!

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