Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Beautiful Scrappin' Goodie

Saturday, 9/5/09

Good afternoon!

I love making little scrappin' goodies, and this is one I did for today.

The weather is absolutely beautiful this year. We've had a cooler than normal summer, and I'm loving it! Of course, I have a friend who longs for Florida, so she's NOT too thrilled with our weather.

If you're into scrapping, and your looking for some free accessories/graphics to scrap with ... you can find 3 free daily at

I've updated the old page now, so make sure you use the link above. If you sign my guestbook or email me, you can get a week's worth of free graphics ... for your very own use. The graphic download only comes out on Sunday's and for the week that's featured.

I also do some scrapping at Eons - Scrapper's Daily. Looking for members, so if you're interested, check it out. It can be found at

Although I do digital scrapping, I also use my graphics in real "home-made" projects. I print some out, cut them out, and apply. It's lots of fun.

Another thing I love to add to my projects are sculpey (polymer clay) creations. That adds lots of color, dimension, and even texture.

This little fish is bigger than a standard necklace, but does have a hoop to wear it as such, but I prefer to put her on my key chain.

She's all dressed up, with her flower on head, so she should be "out and about".

Check back tomorrow ... to see more!

Have a great day ... and I hope you're enjoying the weather as much as I am!

Take care.


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