Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elements for Scrapping

Sun. 9/13/09

Just a small post today.

A decorative element to use in scrapbooking!

There are 3 more to go with this one over at

There are 3 graphics posted there each day. I take them down the next day ... to add 3 totally new ones.

Anyone wishing more can sign my guestbook or email me at the website ... and I will provide you with a link ... just for taking the time to show interest.

Originally, I had planned to email the graphics out. I make many as I create each day, and I save them, but just can't post them all. But due to the size of the files, they are too big to mail out, so now I put the week's worth in an excel download for you download yourself. You just print out the sheets of the ones you like, and use them in your projects.

This past week, the download had 164 graphics. The downlink is up for the week till the new one is posted. Join in any time.

Have a great Sunday!


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