Saturday, September 19, 2009

FREE Scrapping Elements

Good Saturday morning to you all,

What do I get if I sign the guest book or send an email?

As I create the 3 free graphics for this site, as well as a few other graphics for other sites I'm involved with, I have many extras that I create.

I save them all, and they are just too numerous to use them all. So I put them on an excel sheet and save a week's worth. They number over a 100 each week ... and just under a 200 other weeks.

Many of the graphics are NOT used anywhere else ... so when you use them ... it's like having an original that you're not likely to see anywhere else.

Why do I do this? I've created them, and I hope that there are some people that will have a use for them.

And, with the economy being what it is, I am offering them freely for your use. You just pay the cost of the ink and paper you use. The creativity you add ... is yours!

You get free graphics ... because, I love to create!

Where do I get these?

That was easy!

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