Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clown-ish Notes

Good morning,

I used my clay clown in one of yesterday's post, and here he is again in a "Clown-ish Note". This first picture is left without any pattern fills, so you can add what you want by hand or by computer.

Here he is again, but with some pattern fills. These will be next Tuesday's, 1/15/2012, post on my website.

Hope you all enjoy these, and that you have a spectacular day.

Our company is promoting "work from home" days now, and today is my first day to work from home. I did it once in the fall while I was doing some computer testing, and had some problems. I had to remain home till it was fixed, which would take some time. But, meanwhile, I was able to do the work I normally do at work, and was given the go-ahead to give it a try.

While I was able to do it, it wasn't totally the results I wanted. This time, I have some new things to try which will make it much better. Wish me luck!

Enjoy today!


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