Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flower Swirl and Just 4 You Button/Free Graphics

Good morning,

Featuring two of the several jpgs offered today at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. This is a flower swirl deco and a button for "Just 4 You"; two scrapping accessories that you can pick up free right now. It is featured for 1/17, although I have all next week up through Friday.

Remember to go check it out!

Cjs Clay And Art Scraps blogspot has a fantastic little sculpey faced flower, featuring the sculpey face. Check it out today!

Reading my Woman's World from 1/9/12, I found it interesting, yet NOT surprising that black is the color to help you lose weight. Stems from a view of spoilage and danger when viewing it ... at least in food. Can you imagine wanting to eat something this color? Not me.

Well. Maybe licorice. I like licorice.

Hope you have a fantastic day!



Craziest Photo Collection said...

"Black is the color to help your lose weight" is it true..

Cj Hampton said...

My apologies! What the article said was that helps you stop snacking, which if you don't over-snack, would help you lose weight. It's supposed to help cut your cravings. Less calories in, and you'd have weight loss.

Thanks for responsing.