Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Cards for Tuesday: 10/16/2012

Good morning all,

I love to make little cards, and today, I made the same card, but two different ways.  The design is the same for both as well as the little center guy.  He was made back on Dec. 26, 2011, and resides on my computer to use over and over again.

The red card is done in 4 layers:  the little flower, the center funny guy decoration, the background square that the flower and decoration is on, and the base which is all the other layers showing.  The blue and green card only has 3 layers (just minus a flower layer since part of the text goes there).

I printed these out on photo paper, and the colors are vibrant.  I can cut these out, and glue them to cardstock to make a bigger card, if I wish.

I can do them both in just one layer, or in multiple layers to add dimension, and if they don't have to be mailed out.  I will do a dimension card if it is going in a box with a gift, but NOT in a plain envelope.

I've started a new folder on my computer called Daily Cards.  These are Daily Cards for Tuesday.

Have a great and wonderful artistic day!

Need to put some new things on my website or eliminate the website.

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