Monday, October 22, 2012

Frames, quotes, flowers, and Cursive Writing

Good morning.
This is "a take" on a quote I saw on Pinterest recently.  I thought it was quite funny, so I put it in one of my frames with a little guy I made back on Jan. 23, 2010.

And here are three additional frames.  Frames are good for pictures of loved ones or sayings, titles, and for other uses in scrapbooking.  You'll also see 2 flowers pictured.  I love creating.

I was reading recently and ran into a tidbit you might find interesting.

Today, because of electronics, we do more typing or punching with 2 fingers than writing by hand.  While this may be wonderful, it deprives certain areas of our brains from getting essential exercise it needs.

Another article stated that a person can spark creativity with calligraphy.  It is a type of elaborate and beautiful, cursive writing, which I've heard they are NOT teaching in schools anymore.  (Cursive writing, that is.)

Seamlessly linking one letter to the next boosts creative thinking.  The lovely loops and curves of cursive writing triggers a flow of new ideas and requires you to slow down as you write; which is just enough to also lower stress.

Another reason I can think of for the importance of writing cursive, is that our original historical documents are written in beautiful cursive writing, and it's important to be able to read them.  Cursive writing has been around forever ... don't let it be stamped out. in your life time.

If your children are NOT learning it in school, take time to teach it to them at home.

Have a great day ... it's the beginning of a brand new week!


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