Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reversibles, Up Close and Personal, and a STICKY NOTE

Good morning,

Playing around with artwork, as usual.

The first item:  upper left corner is what I call a reversible.  It is the same design, but half is done on a white background, and the other half is on a black background.  It makes the design look different, and I find that fascinating.

Item two:  Upper right hand corner is another UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL design.  I started with the flower at the top, and made frame designs for the next 2 pictures.  Text can go in these, or pictures.  It's just a fun way to show off something else I'm creating.

Item three:  This is a sticky note.  I just got an email a few days ago, and it had sticky notes on it.  I thought, "I bet I can create that in Paint Shop Pro."  It only took a minute.  It was very easy to do.  Turned out very nice!

Whatever art you like, I hope you have a wonderful creative day doing it.

Till next time:  enjoy!


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