Monday, February 11, 2013

Free Pngs, Jpgs, PSP Graphics

Good morning!

Blogger is working for me again.  Yahoo!

So ... I am back with some new kits.  I've revamped my website, and am offering free kits again.

They are more like mini kits, but it's a great way to add new graphics to your digital or physical scrapbooking or card making stash.  (I work on a canvas of 600 x 700, so the graphics are NOT huge.  I know downloading huge kits always cause my computer to belch ... and then I have to resize them to keep and use them.  I don't download many at all since they are usually so huge.  The graphics are 300 dpi.)

I couldn't decide whether to stay with my website, and then decided to give it another try.  Everything on my old website came down!  And voila!  A brand new start!

This kit above is 13-0203, and it started on 2/3/13 (Sun.) and ran for six days.  It ended Fri. 2/8.  I present several items each day in a zip kit.  They come in psp, jpg, and png format.  They can be used digitally, or printed out and used physically to make your own creations.

Even though a kit has ended, it is still on my website.  It will be till my website gets full, and then older kits will be taken down to make way for newer kits.

They are free to use, and to sell in any creations you use them for that you make with credit only for my graphics.

The only thing you may not do is sell them as yours.  You may not put them on a disk and sell them.

Otherwise, they are completely free for you to grab and create with.

Here is one of the pngs for you grab from my blog from kit 13-0203.

This is my second kit:  13-0207.  It started on Sat. 2/9 and ends today 2/11.  In the zip for this kit, I put all of the items for this kit on day one.  With Valentine's Day being so close, I wanted you to have the opportunity to use any of these graphics in your Valentines that you might be creating.

This kit comes with two different backgrounds, and a second saying:  Crazy For You instead of Sweet Valentine.

And here is a blogspot png from kit 13-0207 for you snag right now.

Tomorrow's kit will be up tomorrow morning.  I'm trying to stay a kit ahead so I always have something to publish on time.

I also now keep a folder for future kit ideas.  They hold many items for future use.

I'm glad to be back ... and I hoping everything continues to work.  It is very frustrating to get on a roll and then fall off ... due to technology.  Sometimes its just life that causes a lapse in publishing, too.

Enjoy the graphics.

(an all new start; go visit now and pick up more of the free graphics in the kits)

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