Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Special ART POSTCARD for a friend

Good Tuesday morning!

Yesterday, I shared my little mice I made- the newer ones.

Today, I took one of my mice and tubed it, and added it to my new little mini, one day kit, offered for free at my website.  Items are in a zip file, and free for you to snag and use in your own creations.   All of the items in the card are in the kit.

I used these graphics to create an ART POSTCARD to send to a sweet friend.  Along with the card, she will get her very own mouse.  She is getting the one that is actually in the picture.  It will go out today, after I get it printed on photo paper.  I put everything in a bubble envelope to protect the postcard and mouse.

She loves getting these little items.

And here is a free png for you to snag today.  If you go over to my website, you can pick up all the graphics.



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