Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free Zip File Kits Offered

Good, good morning,

I am working at home today, and is almost time for me to get connected.  First, a post for today.

The above png is your free png graphic for today.  It is from yesterday's kit 13-0207, and can be picked up at my website.

The kit comes with psp layers, pngs, and jpgs, all zipped together.

This little graphic was done yesterday and represents my new kit posted today.  Kit 13-0212.  It is also free to snag.

It is red and black kit and has about 8 flower frames like the one above.  There is no writing on those items, but left for you to decorate and use as you like.  Below this flower frame, made smaller for this post, is a flower chain.  Use as an accent or border by placing several together.  (There are more items in the kit/not shown here.)

I've been busy making Valentine mice.  The little faces are shaped hearts turned upside down and little round mouse ears attached.  They have white or pink pompom noses, which I also made.  Little eyes are the movable kind.

I'll have pictures tomorrow.

I took them this morning, but lost track of time, so I haven't edited them yet.

Check back tomorrow to see 9 of the "meeces" in a bowl.  I want to add a bow to their heads where their ears are, if I have time.  I have 7 more in the works, as I have a lot to give out.

See you tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Free pngs, psps, and jpg kits in a zip download.  Pick them up today--free. Use one or more in your own creations!

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