Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally, my Little Handmade Sock Dolls

Good afternoon!

Shame on me ... for again being so late.  Apologies to anyone waiting to see the little handmade sock doll I made for a friend last month.

Above are two handmade sock dolls I made.  I found the original idea on pinterest, but I changed her pattern to fit my own needs.  I wanted to have little arms off to the side, and this left a tummy in the middle too. (I'll have to see if I can find that pin, as she has the instructions for making the sock dolls already written out.)

The bigger doll is made from a regular girls sock.  The smaller doll is made from a ruffly toddlers sock.  I like things in mini scale.  You know that if you've seen my sculpey's.

I crocheted a little scarf to go around them.  On mine, a small purple ribbon adorns her hat, and on the small one, the pink yarn made into a bow for her hat.

Both handmade sock dolls have movable eyes glued on them.  The small one is sweet because her eyes have blue lids with lashes too.  I forgot to take a picture of her closeup.

As I like to do for all of my creations, I had to tube it and use it in my artwork as well.

And this picture is my finished creation for my artwork.

Since I usually make flowers, I had my sock dolls placed on a stack of them.

I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back shortly to post a little more.


P.S.  Due to finances being extremely tight (my husband lost his job), I've had to take down my website at  It's okay.  I had been thinking of taking it down anyway.

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