Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clay owl magnet and FREE PNGS

Good morning,

Another clay creation to share this morning.  I made this little owl magnet.  The owl sits on top of a background I made and is surrounded by a silver oval frame I purchased at Ollie's.

The frames came in round, oval, square, and rectangle, shapes and in several sizes.

Ollie's is a discount store, fairly new to Columbus.  It is much like Odd Lots, but our store is VERY BIG.  There are so many deals there, that it's just nice to go and look around on a regular basis.  Definitely a place to find frames and even photo paper.

I love their book section, too, and they often have lots of inexpensive computer games that are lots of fun.  I bought my share of books and games!!!  They have a huge selection of DUMMY BOOKS.

I love making owls, and I try to make each one a little different.  I have a collection of them now.  This particular owl hangs in my office on a steel rod 3-way lamp I use -- so I can see what I'm working on.  Underneath him is a pom-pom face.  I'll post his picture at another time.

In the picture up top, on the right, the picture came out looking like it had a gold rim, but it is silver.  I edited it to make it look more like it truly looks.

Along with loving clay creations, I still love doing my artwork.  And since this blog is basically about that, here are your free pngs for today.

This could be a quote box, a title box, or a photo box.  You pick how you want to use it.

I love the bright colors in this, and hope to use it myself soon.

You could also use it for a card front or inside the card with a message.

Here is the png again, with a different colored rim.

This is inverted.  I always like to do an invert of all my creations.  Sometimes they look more spectacular to me that way.

Anyway, it gives it a different coloring, and surely one will be just right for you.

I am off of work today.

And tomorrow ... as I work for "the man", and if you've read any of the news, you know there's a huge segment of people taking mandatory time off, without pay.

This really hurts ... for me ... as my husband lost his job in March of this year, and the income that went with it.  He's working again, but at a much lower pay, and it is through a temp agency, even though he's permanently on that job.  If he gets hired, hopefully, he will have enough of a pay increase that we will be doing okay.

So, to lose 20% of my income per pay period during this change in our life is quite a chunk, when you consider us as a couple.  Believe me.  I am watching my pennies every day.

I let my website go due to this.  I just couldn't afford to do it anymore.

Hope you all are having a wonderful morning, and this proves to be a productive and energizing day for you.



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