Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wild West Hair Doll and clay creations in a picture PLUS FREE SNAGS

Good morning!

This weekend, I was working on making a clay background for a mixed media project.  I just had to take a picture of it to play with it in my graphics program.  It no longer looks the same, but I built this picture from its base.

The picture features more of my clay sculptures.  You see my new Wild West Hair Doll in the lower left hand corner, followed by the snail, the blue owl, the little butterfly with quilled wings, and the flower face under the quote is also a clay face that was edited and added to complete it.

I chose a quote I like about art to finish it off.

The little Wild West Hair Doll has another clay creation on its front dress.  She has pearls around her neck, and a crocheted trim around her base.  On top of her head is a paper type crown I made.  Her face is not a "pretty" face, but the face of a character.  Big eyes, big nose, and a really big mouth.

I'm very happy with how she turned out, and I will feature her alone one day, as I took pictures of building her face as I went.

She sits in my living room with my other red headed Wild West Doll.  Her dress is a scrap paper I bought long ago.

Today's free pngs are above and below.  This is a flower face I created this morning.  I'm always looking for "sayings" for my cards, and just don't have enough with messages on them.  Here is one I plan to use on "girly" cards.  I can print her out, put her on a stacked base, and add her to my card/s.

Feel free to snag and use her, if you wish.

Here is the face again, without words.  I may want to use just her, or her with another saying.

Both are free to snag and use.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!!!


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