Monday, July 22, 2013

Png Flowers and a Clay Butterfly with Quilled Wings

Good morning,

This is actually Sunday's post.  Getting it up now.

Above are the flowers I talked about in yesterday's post.  It's the same flower, but each was done using different special effects, but they all started from the first black flower.

And here is the biggest flower.  All of the flowers were done at this size, and reduced way down for the flower summary in the first picture.  If you are interested in any of the others in a larger size, let me know.

Here, I put one of the other flowers into a common phrase.  The little butterfly is a clay creation that I made a few days ago.  His wings are quilled, and under the clay are two quilled circles to hold his body above the wings.  He actually stands up on my desk.  So cute.  Little movable eyes too!

And here is the quote without the butterfly.

These pngs are free for you to snag and use in your art projects.



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