Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wild West Hair Doll 3 and Free PNG

Good morning!!

A quick post this morning.

Here is my third Wild West Hair doll, only the second with a paper body.  I featured her yesterday in my post, but wanted to have her own post.

These are the face steps I did.  Each is numbered.  In the first, I formed her face shape.  In 2:  I had already made and baked her eyes, nose and mouth.  In 3:  I pushed the baked face features into her unbaked face.  In 4:  I added cheeks and chin.  In 5:  I worked and smoothed her face till I got her looking the way I liked her.

I was not looking to make a beautiful face, but one with some character.  I really like how she came out.

Of course, her skirt is scrapping paper, and I glued pearls around her neck, and glued a clay decoration on her dress.  Her crown was made from paper, and glued into her hair.

And here's a free png for today for all your creative needs.

Hope you have a terrific day.


Look back to see the Wild West Hair Doll 2.

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