Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Creating a Clay Bunny with Dangling Legs and a free png today

Good morning,

A quick post of a little clay bunny with yarn ears and legs.

I made this over the weekend.  He is sitting on a type of half marble rock that you can buy at most craft stores.  I bought a bag of these many, many years ago, and have used them occasionally for different things.  I had one sitting on my desk, and wanted the bunny to sit perfectly perched on something, and this decoration came in quiet handy.

To keep his ears up, I put wires in his head.    Once he was baked, I twisted the strands of yarn around the wire, gluing as I went.  After that dried, I tied two hot pink yarn ribbons around the ends.  The Little white wisps at the end stick out and show well on him.  The clay bunny is holding a little clay heart.

His legs are also made out of yarn so he has dangling legs with little clay drops at the end for his shoes.

I cut him out of the picture I took, and placed him this artwork for today.

Here is a free png for you today.  Feel free to use it in any of your creations.

The quote is a well-known quote from Winnie the Pooh.

To find more quotes, where I found this one, check out:

I get All Famous Quotes newsletter delivered to my email each day, and always enjoy them.  That lead me to check out the site today to find this quote.

The pictures that come in my newsletter are always very nice.  It's free to get, and you can sign up at the link above.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday.

Take care.


PS.  If you're a pinterest fan, and you know I am ... feel free to post the pngs you like to your boards.

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