Friday, November 27, 2009

Fri. 11/27/09 Little Notes

Good morning,

My second post is for this Black Friday!

This is a big shopping day for many people. The merchants look forward to this day as well!

This little note could be used many different ways.

Use it as a thank you note, or a shopping list.

You can find the topper to this note at my website, and design a larger version for yourself.

Personally, I will not be out and about with other bustling shoppers. Crowds can be very suffocating for me. Instead, I will take a few days in December and do my shopping while others are working.

Do you have any shopping traditions that you follow?

When my kids were young, my husband and I always took a day off from work together, left the kids with a sitter or went while they were still in school, and made a day of it. Almost all our shopping was done on this one day.

I'd have a list of everyone I was buying for, and write down what I bought for each as I purchased items.

We left early. Most of our shopping was done together. We'd break for a nice lunch together and then start again. Before we finished, we'd split up, and shop for each other.

Making a day of it always lessened the tension and worry about getting it done. It was very enjoyable.

I've been doing a little shopping during September and October, so I have a few items. And, of course, there is "online shopping", which I've done in the past.

I prefer to give gifts that are enjoyed, and then gone, usually. Most people are pretty good at getting the things they really want themselves, but a nice fruit/gift basket is something great at this time of year.

If someone you love has a hobby, you can steer your gift giving in that direction. And, of course, gift cards always work!

Baking is also a favorite activity at this time of year. One of my most favorite gifts at Christmas, when I was a little girl, was the box of homemade candy that we received from my grandmother each year. Mashed potato candy, divinity, fudge ... it was just too wonderful!

I was forunate to get several recipes from my grandmother before she died. One was her mashed potato candy recipe. It was a tradition in our household. One potato can make a pretty big batch of candy.

I made some last year, and took it to work. I've found that it's best not to tell what it's made from, as most people scrunch up their noses. But if they get brave enough to taste it, they are very surprised. It doesn't taste like potatoes. And it can be very addicting.

Have a great shopping day today! Don't forget the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. As for gift tags, why not make your own this year!

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