Monday, November 23, 2009

Mon. 11/23/09 Free Graphics

Good morning!

The Thanksgiving week is beginning. Work this morning, and again, tomorrow morning; and then, I am off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday evening, my granddaughter will come to spend the night. She is off on Wednesday, but both her mom and dad have to work ... so she is coming here. She'll spend the night, and share Wednesday with us.

My daughter is celebrating Thanksgiving at her house on Sunday with us, her dad and his wife, and her oldest brother and companion.

They will spend Thanksgiving with Dan's parents in Kentucky.

My daughter is expecting around the middle to end of May, and having a pretty rough time carrying this baby. They took a "home test" for gender, which I didn't know you could do now. It looks like it could be a girl ... which is fantastic! Whatever grandchild arrives, it will be loved. I hope my daughter's nausea passes quickly.

Taylor played with sculpey yesterday, as they stopped by for a quick visit. She made a necklace for her language teacher (Chinese!!!), and a little Christmas tree. The tree is very sweet. She did not get them completely done yet, so will finish up when she comes back.

Today's free graphic is a pretty little flower. If you can use her in any of your projects, feel free to grab her. And, of course, there are 3 new free graphics at my website. They are posted for only 24 hours.

Have a terrific Monday!


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