Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sat. 11/28/09 Black Art-Flower and Frame Set

Good morning!

I love black and white outlines. I feel they are so dramatic in their looks.

This frame and the flower are both on my website individually (not placed together), so that you can use either use the frame ... or just the flower ... wherever you like.

Unusual flower, but very striking. I like it.

Sometimes I do like the unusual.

Hope you all got a lot of your holiday shopping done yesterday.

My daughter, her hubby, and daughter stopped at my house yesterday, on the way back from Dan's parents for Thanksgiving. We will have our Thanksgiving dinner at her house tomorrow, Sunday, 1 pm. I am taking the stuffing, gravy, and a pumpkin pie.

My sweet and gorgeous daughter will provide a ham (no turkey this year), a pecan pie, cool whip, and and green bean casserole.

My son and his beautiful and petite companion, Kathy, will bring bread. They find the most delicious breads for our holiday meals and always bring them. They are so tasty. They are really into bread!

My daughter's dad and his striking wife will bring mashed potatoes.

My other son is in Boston, and he and his lovely wife only get home about once every 2 years. He was here last year for my daughter's wedding, so he will not be here this year. Hopefully, we'll see him next year. But! He did call me for Thanksgiving. Hmmmm! I haven't returned his call yet. I'll get to that today.

As for my hubby and me, we celebrated Thanksgiving by going to Home Style Buffet. It's unbelievable HOW MANY people do that! We see whole families there at large tables. All the fun, and NONE of the work!

Personally, we choose a buffet for this meal as my children usually have a lot of obligations with family members elsewhere. I remember the pull and tug of just my folks and my husbands folks, and with divorce being so prominent today, our children now have many more tugs to deal with. I won't add to that dilemma.

My kids know I love them, and that I'm thinking of them. They are always welcome at my home, and my one daughter comes often. (I saw her 3x in less than 7 days this week, which I loved.) My daughter has a key to my house, and knows she can stop by anytime.

The weekend is just gearing up, and I go back to work on Monday, while my husband still has Monday left on his vacation from last week.

I plan to take about a week ... in Dec. The week of Christmas. Gee. I've got to put in for my leave ... and I may take a little more time off, as well.

I am currently ahead on my graphics for my website (and blog), so posting each day will be much easier. I will get a few more days done today. Make it an easy week for next week.

Enjoy the weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with another graphic.

3 new graphics each day

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