Monday, November 30, 2009

Mon. 11/30/09 - Baby Comes Home Free Graphic

Good morning,

Since I'm going to be a "grandma" again, in about 6 months, my mind wanders to the "new" baby coming. So, today, I did this little creation.

Great fun!

We had our lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. The food and the company were all excellent.

After the meal and some visiting, half of the adults sat at the kitchen table, and the rest of us sat in the living room with my granddaughter. She was playing with her DS.

My middle son had called on Thanksgiving Day, and since we were altogether, I decided I would call him so all of us could speak to him.

I found John in my contact list, and hit send. A voice answered on the other end, but it sounded a whole lot different than I usually hear when he answers.

"Hi," I said. "This is your mom."

Quiet, and then the reply, "My mom died a few years ago."

I'm bewildered. I am alive and kicking, but that voice sounds a little strange. Maybe I got the wrong number.

"Is this John?", I asked.

"Yes, this is John," came the answer.

"It's so noisy here I can barely hear you ... let me move. Is my John there?"

I thought he replied that he was in the kitchen. So I said, "Oh! John and Hillary are in the kitchen! Could I please talk to him?" (Since my son and his wife very often entertain, I thought maybe they were having a party or had had some friends over. I added her name to my conversation in the hopes I did NOT have the wrong number.)

By now, the party on the phone had gotten the idea of what was happening. There was laughing. The answer said, "I am in the kitchen! LOOK UP!"

I was not getting this. I am very confused at this point, and I'm very sure I got a wrong number now."

Again my phone re-emphasized with many voices ... "LOOK UP IN THE KITCHEN!"

I did, and everyone that was still at the dining room table were standing and facing me. I saw my ex-husband on his cell phone. It still was a little cloudy coming together for me, so my daughter said, "You called dad."

Totally embarrassed now, I said, "Oh. I'm so sorry. I thought I was calling John Kelley."

Everyone was laughing now.

My ex and I have been divorced and both remarried 10 years this next year. We are both very happy in our new marriages, even though we were together, and raised 3 wonderful children over 30 years in marriage to each other.

We DO NOT call each other on the phone, or really even chat unless we are at a family gathering together. I like his wife a lot, and always enjoy talking with her. And my current husband enjoys chatting with my ex -- when we are together. My ex has never been in my phone contacts on my phone. (His wife is there, as well ... now.)

Last weekend, I had kept my granddaughter, and my ex and his wife came by to pick her up after our Saturday night and Sunday morning together. My daughter had programmed his number and her stepmom's into my phone, just in case I needed to reach them; and she had done the same to their phones. I knew this at the time, but quickly forgot it.

So when I went to make the phone call, I always only had ONE John on my phone, and so when I came to his name, just automatically pushed send.

It gave everyone a good laugh.

Once the embarrassment and laughter ended, I called my son, John. I told him the story, and he thought it was too funny! He laughed over it, as well.

All in all ... it was a very nice day. Thank you, Jillian and Dan. (Hope you feel better soon, Dan.)

Have a terrific Monday.

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