Monday, February 1, 2010

For Saturday: Empathy Fairie

Good morning!

I am busily posting 3 days this morning, as it was a very busy weekend.

This little creation took me most of Saturday to do. It's call "Empathy Fairie", and I was really pleased with how she turned out.

This one is not a free graphic, but just a post to share some other artwork I'm working towards. If you post her anywhere, please provide a link for using her (using this blog or my website.)

There are other free graphics on my website this morning; in fact, there are 3 days worth.

It's been a really busy weekend.

A co-worker at work needed some pictures scanned and made ready for a project another co-worker is putting together for a special birthday ... so I helped with the pictures. I hope I get to see the finished project!

My sister is having a birthday, and I've been working on her card.

And yesterday, I made jewelry. Several necklaces, some earrings, and one other little creation I call a mushroom flower. Now I need either a fairie for it ... or a frog.

Hope you had a great Saturday. Now ... to get up 2 more days.

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