Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good morning,

These little kitties make a really cute addition to borders. Here's 2 I made today.

There are 3 days worth of graphics on my website (from being behind, as usual), but I'm caught up again.

My mornings are being taken up now with more things I have to do: like exercise! And I'm trying to work in a little more sleep. I often wake up at 1:30 am. I feel rested and ready to get up (I am an early-to-bed kind of person), but I'm forcing myself to stay in bed a little longer. I usually manage to go back to sleep one time: for either 1/2 an hour or 1 hour. When I wake up the second time, I get up. If I force myself to try to sleep longer, I wake up feeling fatigued and grouchy.

I have been this way for about the last 15-20 years now. Don't really want to change my sleeping patterns, because I like them. But I'm concerned that it may be part of my cholesterol problem.

I wanted to post something here I read today in my Woman's World (2/15/09 -- the page says but when I look at the front of the magazine; it is 2010 -- they goofed!). Pg. 25. And it's the only page with the error. I checked!

It's from an article called Recession Busters! Avoid big cellphone bills! I did not know this fact, and I'm sure you might not know it: Did you know that if you've been with the same provider for awhile, and I have, we could still be paying for old games and ringtones we downloaded years ago? Yep.

I've been with my service provider since I first got a cell phone. I know I had songs and games on that. And when I got my next new phone, those were gone. I didn't know that some of these downloaded items come with a sneaky monthly subscription fee. I'll have to check my statement!

Hope you have a great Saturday. My daughter is moving today, and my granddaughter is spending a little time with her maternal grandpa, so I lose out today. They live closer to them, although my daughter will be moving slightly closer to me. But, in minutes away from her new home, her dad is still closer!

Enjoy today!

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P.S. I wanted to thank a co-worker/friend at work! Melody! Thank you so much for the baby blanket you made for my daughter's baby due to arrive this spring. It is just beautiful! And the gift for my granddaughter, who will become a big sister, is wonderful. She bought her a tool for making items with yarn, and some PINK yarn to go with it. (And thanks for loaning me your CRAFTS 'N THINGS magazine.) You have a heart of gold.

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