Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday 2/9/10: I'm IN Love!

Good morning,

Getting ready to wish someone a Happy Valentine's Day? This little creation is something kids might enjoy.

This little guy is in love ... and is expressing himself the best way he can.

While I am posting this day ... after the fact, I'd like to note here ... that we had another big snowstorm today.

The day didn't start off too bad, but by 9 or 10 am, it was snowing. Big, big flakes. And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed.

It began piling up quickly.

I knew it would probably make for a long trip home. And they were predicting more snow for Wednesday. Oh my! I certainly did not want to make that trip!

I left an hour early on Tuesday afternoon. It still took too long to get home, and I slid three times. Had I left at my regular time, there would have been more cars on the road ... and my second slide, would surely have been a collision! I'm so glad I left early. As it is, I bounced off the mound of snow at the corner where I turn onto the street leading into my subdivision. And then began sliding toward the cars waiting to turn left. Panic rose inside me, but I took my foot off the break, and just did my best to try to correct my slide. It worked.

But, I'm sure I caused a little concern to some of those sitting there ... waiting to make that left-hand turn. I'm sure they thought we were about to have a "close encounter".

A lot of co-workers were all talking about maybe calling off the next day. We have to call in and make contact with a supervisor. I thought, "What if the supervisors don't make it?" "What if everyone is calling off, and it's just too hard to reach someone?"

I decided it would just be smarter to put in another leave slip. So I did. After all, if our company DID close, I was allowed to simply tear up my leave slip.

I am really looking forward to winter ending. I am tired of using annual leave to get around snow days!

I made this creation here to add to my computer screen savers. For Tuesday's.

Hope you all have a terrific day.

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