Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday 2/12 Free Graphics, "Cat"-cerned

Good morning,

Feeling concerned ... or "cat"-cerned about a friend or family member? Use this for the front of your card!

This item is posted on my website today as well as items from Thurs 2/11 through today, Sat. 2/13. This card front is on 2 other patterns. I liked this one the best.

Hope your Friday was a good one. I was off, as I had a doctor's appointment. Cholesterol testing ... again. Actually rose slightly even though I'm eating really well.

I will be adding exercise now. Regularly. Walking and other things. I started with Zumba Advanced, but only got through 15 minutes. I will aim for 20 minutes today, and work my way up.

Triglycerides are a funny thing. Mine keep going up! It's a type of fat in blood that the body uses for energy. While we need triglycerides, too high can raise your risk of heart disease. I did a little research yesterday. Concerned over how I can LOWER them.

It said that too high triglycerides could be a sign of metabolic syndrome. More research. It suggests a low-calorie diet. I'm already eating the right things: lots of fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, less meat, more salmon and even Morning Star Farms products (meatless meats). More beans, and lots of salads. It is frustrating. (And ... of course, I should quit smoking! And I don't drink much alcohol at all, anymore.)

Oh well. I have another 3 months to see improvement or my meds go up.

Hope you had a great Friday.

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