Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday: 2/10/10: Wishing You Were Here

Good morning ... oh ... it is just now 12 noon. I hear the whistle blowing. So ... good afternoon!

For all those who are separated from their loved ones on Valentine's Day ... here's WISHING YOU WERE HERE!

Well, I took today off to maneuver around the possibility of MORE snow. So far, we don't have anything more.

I wish it would've just gone on and snowed like crazy. Let everything close, and send everyone home early. Oh well.

I am hoping that this is the last day I have to take annual leave for possible snow.

Our parking lot was not that great yesterday. The crew that is doing our snow cleaning is NOT as good as it was 2 years ago. I heard from a co-worker yesterday that it's because they are contracting it out now. We used to have an engineer in charge ... and he had a crew. They were on top of it all the time.

Since I've already fallen too many times ... and I never got my arm surgically fixed, and still have limitations with it, I have to be really careful. Also, I have osteoporosis in my spine ... and I just can't afford to be falling on slippery ground ... or anywhere else.

We have a good-bye party at work tomorrow for our district chief. He's moving to a new department, even though he hasn't been with us a year. We don't know who our next chief will be. I'm taking in hot dogs, coleslaw, and cookies. Need to get to the store to pick up those items today.

Friday, I am off, but not annual leave; thank heavens. I see my doctor in the morning, and there's tests to run. It won't be bad.

I'm longing for spring. I'm done with cold ... snow ... ice ... winds that cut like a knife ... and just ready for some green sproutings! And some springy new colors.

Have a really great day.

My daughter and her family are moving into a beautiful new home this Saturday. She is so excited!!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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