Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday morning graphics-Silabella Fairie

Good morning!

The weekend is over, and it's time to get back to the weekly "grind". Ah yes! Monday morning.

Away from the drawing board, and back into a world of "numbers". I'm in accounting, you know.

But, before I go, I wanted to show you the side bar from my website today. It's on this little fairie I created yesterday.

Her name is Silabella (pronounced like "silly", but sila, and bella, well; that's easy).

It's a common thing for most of my characters to come from my kaleisdoscopes, which are those flowery-type things you can make in psp. Like clouds in the sky or grains in wood, I see pictures in my kaleis.

Being that Silabella is a fairie, she can be any kind of creature because fairies are fantasy creatures. Her larger version will probably be posted on my website tomorrow.

I had a fast weekend, as I'm sure you did. I did go to my daughter's house yesterday, for a "meeting" on our upcoming shower.

The meeting was short, so it gave me a chance to visit with my granddaughter a little. She got out her coloring pencils and two tablets of paper. We laid on the living room floor on our bellies and did scribble drawings. She is kind of into vampires right now, as two her scribbles were ladies ... with pointed teeth.

She found a purse in one of her scribbles, a heart, and one of my favorites, a cute little snake. I was honored ... as she let me take home all the scribbles. She has a very generous nature, although there is a sadness in her that haunts me. She is not as "cuddly" as she once was, but that might be because she's "growing up".

Her life has been a hard life, and she's only 9. She'll be 10 this year. I wish I could "whisk her away" to more carefree times. A time when things were safer, and a child could just go out and play. It was a time when "adhd" was never uttered, because it didn't exist then. Have you ever thought of ALL the LABELS we have for people today? I think it's a sign of the times, and not the people. It's stress.

It's been a long time since she came and just spent the night here. I miss her presence around my house.

My daughter is in her 8th month of pregnancy. She's doing well. When she carries her babies, they don't move like the three I carried. You'd have thought there was a circus going on in my belly when I was pregnant. But "Emma" is fairly quiet, as was my granddaughter. That doesn't appear to be a sign that she'll be a quiet child though, as my granddaughter was quite active.

It was beautiful weather this weekend, and especially yesterday. The sun was shining, and it warmed up quite nicely. We've had a brief cold trend, and some rain, so it was nice to see the warmer weather again. I like this time of year ... before it gets HOT!

I hope you have a great Monday morning. Make good use of it. As for me, I have a least an hour to get back to my drawing board -- so I'm off to it now.

3 free new graphics each day
(today I have some decorative (deco) frames up)

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