Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sun. 4/18/10 Home Sweet Home Items-Free Graphics

Good morning!

It's Sunday morning, and I have three items to post today, which includes a new sig tag. Some days, I may make a new one; others days; ... maybe not.

This first item is an envelope. I would personalize mine for a card and put the address under the house. Maybe I'd put the numbers ON the house above the door.

Some of the items were taken from the items up on my website today. They are up for the next 24 hours, so grab them if you want them.

Being Sunday, there is a new weekly sidebar as well.

This second item is how my finished card would look. It would be plain on the inside and used to drop a quick note from "Home Sweet Home". These are the individual items to pick up. There is a second page for more items not on the homepage, and for bigger items.

Yesterday, I bought myself a new toy! Well. Not really a toy ... but an exercise helper. It's a Horizon EX-58 Elliptical Machine that I purchased at PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS in Grove City. It was $100 off and there was a brand new one next to it.

I asked the owner of the store, "What's the difference in price?"

He informed me that someone had previously bought it and had it about a week. She decided she didn't like it and brought it back. They were about $550 or so new, so I felt like I got a deal. I bought the used one, and they delivered it last night.

I put in about 5 minutes before going to bed ... and I can't tell you how hard that was. I made sure I stretched, as I really felt this in my hamstrings.

I've been on it twice this morning ... and it's about time to jump on it again for another 5 minutes. I've already been on it a total of 8 minutes today, so with another 5, that will make 13 minutes. For now, I'm just trying to get on it many times a day and do a quick 5. I'll try to get a good amount of minutes in daily, and then next week; I'll go for 6 minutes.

I have about a month before I head back to the doctor ... and I hope to be about 10 lbs lighter by then. Then, I'll have have another 10 I want to lose.

Again. My sig tag today was done using the small flowers on my website.

I hope you have a marvelous Sunday.


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