Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Graphics

Good morning!

This is a daily sidebar that I put on my website. It features a creation, and how it came into being. I try to do this every day, although there may be days when my "brain is just plain fried ..." and I can't think of something to feature.

This is featured today.

This little gal started from a kaleidoscope I made. In the first picture, you see the portion I started with. It looked to me like SURPRISE. I copied a portion of her right arm, and mirrored it. Then I found something that looks like little feet and added that. Then I found her hair.

Next, I did a little erasing and started coloring her. I used the cutout method. Her shirt was done in 2 stages. Because I work in layers in paint shop pro (I still use vs 9), I colored each layer a dark orange, and labeled each layer. I then used the cutout features to choose the color of the item I wanted and the shadowing color I wanted. I played with the blurring and opacity till I liked the look.

I added cheek color, and a few lighter touches to her hair. I cleaned up any stray dots, and added the background. And last but not least ... the words.

And my little creation was finished ... although I did sharpen her a little. I think she turned out cute.

I also feature a weekly sidebar on the left of my website. These items change each Sunday. They are creations from the past ... or something from the future. They are small.

Of course, there are always 3 graphics to offer each day. Sometimes I have an example of how to use them; other days I don't. Sometimes the daily offering is offered much bigger, and it's on another page.

The daily graphics change daily. When they're taken down, they're gone, unless I feature a smaller version in the weekly sidebar.

I'd love for you to take a look at my site. Items are snaggable, and you may use them in any project you'd like. They are mine ... but I'd love for people to use them ... when they have a need.

I found that using these items in digital scrapping ... and even physical projects ... saves a lot of money. All you buy is ink ... and any little extras ... like glitter or gems ... for decorating printed items. They make lovely cards. Give it a try.

Have a great Sunday.

3 free graphics a day

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