Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 27 - 28: Last of February FREE graphics

Good morning,

This first item above is a birthday card. We had a lot of birthdays at work this last week, and had a party to celebrate them all. This is one of the cards I did for a belated birthday. I like to put together a sandwich baggie with a card in it, do a little sculpey item, and a minature candy bar. I had been out shopping, and picked up some trinket party toys for kids parties, thinking they would add amusement to the baggies. They did.

All the trinkets came in sets of 4: a skateboard with rider, balls filled with a gel and colored glitters, some tiny little colorful notebooks, some little maze toys, and little foam airplanes. Everyone was very happy with their little baggies.

Many of the cards featured FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, so each person would know who else shared their birthday. These went over in a big way. They loved them.

Here's a bigger picture of the first birthday card. It was so much fun to make. And Rebecca loved it.

This item is something I made from a kit featured in the previous post. This is the colored bold lined flower.

And the flower ... one more time.

Hope you enjoyed the graphics.

See you soon.

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