Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thank You, Kenney! I love it!

Good morning!

And thank you -- Kenney -- for doing this fantastic gift for me! This touched my heart more than you'll ever know!

I went to work yesterday ... and sitting on my desk was this adorable little CD clock! It sits in it's own little black frame holder and is just so elegant looking.

I knew who did it! Kenney!

Kenney is always doing something special for someone. Taking a photo and printing it out large and giving it to the appropriate person!

At work, he took one of my flower designs from my website -- many years ago, and made a CD clock that hangs on my bulletin board. I was always saying I couldn't see the clock for our room, and he fixed it for me: he made me one; using my artwork! Now ... that is thoughtful!

On Friday, he had asked me for a copy of my Empathy Fairie, and I sent it to him Sunday morning. Lo and behold ... HIS ARTISTY took my creation and turned it into the most marvelous gift. (He does gorgeous work!)

He said this clock is for my desk at home. I almost hated to bring them home as I couldn't show the gifts off to all our co-workers ... but I do love them! I had several people come to my desk so I could show them ... and stopped Mary on the way out to show her. She thought they were beautiful. (Of course they are. Kenney made them!)

Together, he and I have worked on projects for several people in our division. We make a pretty awesome team!

This picture is done very large. I estimate it to be 11 x 14, and he framed it. This picture does not do it justice ... as I took it early, early this morning and I just didn't have enough light. I had to edit it as best I could for now, but when I get better light ... I will repost it!

This is the first time, I've ever had my artwork hanging in my home. It is hanging on the wall as you come up our stairs into our living area. As my husband says, "It's the first thing you see upon entering our home." He loved it, too!

I have a little surprise for you this morning, as well, Kenney.

Thank you ... for making something for me that I will treasure all my life! I know it took time and cost ... but I appreciate your talents and thoughtfulness so much!

God bless.

Your co-conspiratory IN ART!


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