Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 1st-4th: Free Png Graphics/PSP tubes-Kit Downloads

Good morning,

We are into March! Here are the kits for the first 4 days.

This kit has 3 quick frames and plenty of room to accessorize or journal. Also lots of small borders to play with.

This kit has frames.

I like to do some unusual things, and this frame is one of those. But I like it.

I am posting more days at one time which fits my schedule a little better.

I wanted to post this morning, since it is Sunday morning, that I've reached my first goal in Weight Watchers. Actually I lost an additional pound than my goal was set for. It has been 6 weeks of slow, slow, slow loss, but I've been okay with that. And I'm watching the inches go, go, go down!

I actually love the program. I don't mind writing everything down, as it really helps keep your mind on what is going inside. Even my hands look longer, thinner, and taper nicely. I never realized how pretty they are.

Am I happy? Oh yes!

I was reading my newest Woman's World, and was fascinated to find there is still free TV. Many are going back to the new attennas (rabbit ears) that cost about $24 and picking up the over-the air high-defintion channels... and getting as many as 80 different selections in some areas.

That's nice to know, since I'll retire within the next decade.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I should be back to post today's kit in a little while. I have the graphics already, but need to put the kit together.

You'll notice there's a change at my website. The kit pages just have the kits on them now. I gave my granddaughter a page to put her artwork on, one for my little furry hamster, Betzy, and my credits and tou are now on their own page, as well. This leave more room for just the kits, and I like it. What are your thoughts?

See you soon!

3 new free graphics each day/posted 2-3x a week
png kit downloads - psp tube downloads


Jewel said...

I like your Blog! It's pretty cool!
What are the pics of though?

EAPDG-Accidental Art said...

Thank you, Jewel, for your nice comment!

The pictures are of kits. I like to scrap my own cards, and if you look at some of the other posts, you will see cards I've made using the graphics.

Scrappers are always looking for graphics to use to decorate their pages ... and since I scrap and draw, I like to offer the graphics in kits.

For those that have a graphics program, they can download the graphics into their programs, and it is the graphic only, with no background. (Transparencies.) They can then move them around and resize them, sharpened them, change colors, etc.

I also love to do fantasy type graphics. There are papers, frames, borders, accessories, characters (many made from scribbles which I call whimsey's), etc.

A friend at work recently printed out on "photo paper" one of my compositions and framed it. It is quite large ... to hang in my home, which I did. Just yesterday, in fact. Kenney gave that to me, and also used the graphic to make me a beautiful little clock.

Graphics can be used on websites, and many things. Your mind is your own canvas when it comes to creating them ... and creating with them.

I hope that answers your question.

Again. Thank you so much for your comment. I always appreciate them.


john said...

nice one and good luck with WW as well, it Doesn't matter what diet you're on, the hardest obstacle in dieting is control hunger pangs and cravings.
You might like to try out a product that does exactly that: fresh-frozen Hoodia (a well known appetite depressant) in the form of small and convenient ice cubes – hence its name, the ice cube diet.
It just helps you eat less and makes your dieting easier.
Good luck to you all and for those who do try it out, please do share your experiences with me – John -

EAPDG-Accidental Art said...

Thank you for your comment, John. I do appreciate it.

So far, I've lost 9.6 pounds, and a total of 13.5 inches and am down 1 size! It's taken 8 weeks, but considering I'm almost 61 (in June), I am thankful for any loss!

I don't need an appetite depressant for now as I've adjusted to my 29 daily points, and my 49 extra weekly points. I often don't eat all my dailies, and have only used any extras twice since I started Weight Watchers.

I have not heard of this new diet.

I DO recommend Weight Watchers to anyone interested in learning to eat properly, healthy, and learning to master their own eating. This is a way of life I hope to continue! It's easy, and I really LOVE IT!

Thanks for your interest!