Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Paper Downloads -- Yeah! A broccoli recipe, too!


Two days of papers. These are very pretty, and I hope you'll find a great use for them. Each kit has 5 graphics, but there is a bonus paper in each day's download -- so enjoy!

Well ... there you have it. I am AHEAD for the week. I already have creations for additional days.

I love the creating part. I just sit down ... and do it. The hardest part is making the png kits. The psp download is fine, as it's done in layers and if opened in your graphics program ... everything is there.

Yesterday was a broccoli day for me.

Have you ever just craved something (food)? A good, low-calorie way to enjoy fresh broccoli is this. Cut flowerets from stalk, and chopped most of the stalk as well. Add enough water to cover the bottom of your pan with about 1/2 t of dried chicken bouillon. (You can use prepared also). Bring to a low boil, cover and simmer just till tender and that bright green color. Remove from heat.

Squirt some lemon juice over it ... to taste ... salt gently and pepper. Mix and eat! Oh yum! This is my favorite way to eat fresh broccoli. Give it a try! It's heavenly.

Have a great day, and check back often to see what's being put up. Remember to go grab the graphic kits from my website.

March is up all month. Come April, the March graphics go bye-bye, and new graphics are put up!

Have a great week this week. (Spring is coming!!!!)

3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, free png kit downloads

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