Saturday, January 12, 2008

Colorful Kaleis

Good morning,

Well, it's been 6 days since my last post, so this morning, just a little something called Colorful Kaleis.

It's been "one of those weeks". On Monday evening, I came home to find my computer had pretty much crashed. My husband worked on it, and put his "board" into mine, and after several days, I was up and running again.

I still had my psp, but had lost my email folders and my Cosmic Blobs. After tinkering, my hubby got the email folders back, and my receipt for my program. He emailed them, and they were generous enough to make my purchase link alive again -- for free. That was for my deluxe version. The Lab Rat edition, I didn't try to get back as I didn't use it after buying the deluxe version.

My work week was hectic with mostly 12-hour days since we lost 2 people, and they started up overtime again. I've worked all I can work this week, and cannot work any next week. We are allowed so many hours, and after that, you're done till the next pay period.

I introduced my granddaughter and myself to "sculpey III" clay modeling. I love it! She is only 7 years old, and found it to be a little much for now. I'm sure she will try again.

I did 3 models last weekend, and took one to work to sit on my desk. Everyone loved it. While it's my first efforts, I know I can master this art, and can't wait to try my hand again this weekend. I need to head to the store and pickup some more clay and accessories. I bought a clay-baking oven, and love it.

We had two beautiful days this last week, breaking a 100-year old record one day. The unexpected warm weather will be a memory by next week, as I see they are predicting snow again. It was still wonderful to experience it though.

All the kids are back in school now from their holiday break. Life is becoming normal again. I will have off on Martin Luther King Day this month, and then President's Day in February. Then there are no breaks until Memorial Day -- so a long spell of just working.

Hope everyone has recovered from the holidays.

Have a great Saturday. Back tomorrow!

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