Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Art at EasyAsPieDailyGraphics

Good evening all!

Here is a delightful little frame I did the last fews days. Don't you know someone or something that would look just right inside this frame?

If so, please feel free to use it!

By the way. Hurry right over to my new website. See below. I am offering 3 free graphics a day for all to use personally or commercially.

While the graphics remain my own, you may put them into any of your creations, and that whole creation is yours. And tell others! Let them know they can pick up these FREE graphics. What's free today will drop into the back room tomorrow.

Alas, you may still pick them up for free though. Well, almost free. To try and track my traffic, I am asking for your name and email address to access the back room. Also asking how you found me. If the autoresponder is working correctly, you should receive your password to enter the back room. Give it time to build up. Three free graphics a day will fill that back room pretty fast!

Graphics (jpgs) should be used in an art program -- such as Paint Shop Pro (I used vs 9) -- to delete any background and create with it from there. Oh, just save the jpg to your computer folder that you set it for it, and use them anywhere!

Since my new website just went up, the first 3 graphics will only be upfront for a few hours. If you wait, you have to pay that minimal price of information to get them. So hurry up! Go there now:

Tell everyone! And thanks!

See you soon.

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