Friday, April 11, 2008

Introducing Free Graphics for All Needs

Good morning!

Introducing my new website to pick up free graphics for all your designing needs. Hope you'll check it out. Find it here:

The forsythia is blooming in Columbus. Now all we have to do is survive 3 more snows!

This morning, it is raining. Raining hard at the moment. It comes and goes. We already have more rain than we need, so the ground is having a hard time soaking it up.

The MSN icon for the weather shows that it may turn into snow, although I don't think it will get cold enough. They are showing rain for all weekend with possible snow for Monday. If we get those snows, we'll only have one left to endure. Hopefully.

The one thing about the nature of weather is that you can never count on anything.

Note: My C-box is set to expire on the 15th. If that happens, I guess I'll be looking for a new widget.

At work, we are changing locations. We are only moving over the wall to the next area, but I am in a new desk area as are 3 of my buddies. This morning is moving day for me. Most of us began our move yesterday. I will need to get finished by 12:30 pm as I am leaving for the day at that time. Hustle, hustle!

By Monday, we expect we'll be set to roll again with our computers and telephone lines joining us at our new desks. I guess most of us are getting to do our "spring cleaning" at this time.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I do hope you'll check out my new site at: You'll pick up lots of free graphics to use personally or commercially!


See you soon!

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