Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Welcome

Good Saturday morning, and a Happy Spring Welcome to All~

Ahhh! The spring weather has been fantastic so far! I hope we get to enjoy a long spring this year.

The only drawback is allergies!

While I don't have bad allergies, opening the windows and deck screen door does help to usher in whatever pollen comes from beautiful blooming plants and flowers. Itching, watering eyes, and a plugged up, drippy nose and sore throat follow. How can such beautiful weather be so personally plaguing? As I said, my allergies are minor, while my daughter suffers greatly during this time.

This little flower creation was a lot of fun. To see her animated, go to Today, she's featured on the today's graphics (or will be when I get it up). After today, you can find her in the daily graphics for 4/26/08.

Enjoy this marvelous weather ... and have a terrific Saturday!

See you soon.

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