Sunday, April 6, 2008

That Spring Feeling!

Good afternoon!

Ahhhh ... that spring feeling is in the air today. It has been so warm, we don't need jackets. Just a tease before hoisting more rain on us! Oh well.

I'll enjoy it while I can!

This is a card front I did for today. Actually, it is in the "designing examples" at my new website as well as all the little flowers, so if you'd like to pick those flowers up, go on over there and get them.

Alas. I am having trouble with my email for my password, so not only do I not get any email (even when testing it), no password is able to be forwarded to enter the back room. For now, I've posted a notice that I will need time to get this resolved with Homestead.

It doesn't seem to recognize my email account at all for now.

I bought a pastry machine today for my sculpey hobby. It's been a busy day, and I need a nap. I'm afraid if I lay down, I might not get back up.

It also looks like the tickets I bought on Skybus ... are a bust. I'm sure you heard they went out of business ... as of yesterday. I will have to contact my credit card company, as I just paid for those tickets last month! Ugh! We will NOT be going now.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday --and that it is beautiful where you are.

Till later.

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