Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Card - 10/31/08

Good morning, once again!

This little creation of my Halloween Card for 10/31/08 became my screen saver at work.

But, it's also great for adding to your scrapbooking pages of the pictures you took this Halloween -- featuring YOUR kids.

The little witch is Witchie Witch, and of course, I'm sure you recognize the "Ghostie" from the previous post ... he was the one waving!

This was a fun little creation.

How was your Halloween? Did you get lots of "trick or treaters"?

Ours was last night between 6 and 8 p.m. One of my friends, Tiffany, said at work: "Friday night is a bad night for Halloween. If you have kids playing sports, they are often on Friday night. Then you have to pick and choose WHICH you want to participate in." Since my kids are long ago grown and gone, I hadn't thought of this dilemma.

We had treaters in our neighborhood. I am sure they had great fun.

An advertising idea: "If you have a scrapping website or graphics website, what a cute idea to make lots of these little cards to give out with your candy ... featuring your own site." While Halloween is over, and you don't have the kiddies coming directly to your door ... you could still do this kind of thing for all holidays! I do it, too, when I'm leaving a tip at a restaurant.

Thanksgiving is coming ... and then Christmas, and, not to be forgotten: New Year's Eve and Day!

Need to pick up some free decorations? Head on over to: and see what you can put in your goodie basket. They're free!

Have a really great day!

See you soon.

Note: At work yesterday, they featured a Haunted House in our basement. The price of a ticket was only $1/ea. I'd never gone before, so everyone let me be first in our group.

Waiting outside the door, I kept peering through the peep windows, and everyone kept saying, "Stop peeking!" I finally did, and while I was standing there, there was a very loud THUD on the door. I about jumped out of my skin. It was someone covered in a long black cape and hood.

Shortly thereafter, they let us in. They led us into a very dark room. Black lights, and a graveyard scene with lots of dark, dark mannequins placed throughout. There was a fog machine, so it was all VERY EERIE!!! Gravestones were placed here and there.

"Wow!, " I said. "This is very nice." I had turned slightly back around to address my co-workers. Suddenly, something grabbed me from behind! Those were NOT mannequins dressed up, but very REAL people. I jumped and yelled as everyone expected. It was all great fun! (They did a fantastic job!!! Well worth a $1.00!) And to finish the whole experience off as they ushered us out the door, you got to pick a treat from their basket! How SWEET!

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