Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tues. 12/01/09 Note Free Graphic

Good morning! And it's the first day of December!!!

A litte note creation to use when dropping a friend a note.
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, and it's almost over. And so, as every year, the countdown begins ... to Christmas, and then to New Year's.

Such a little time ... to get a lot done.

There are 3 new free graphics on my website this morning, and they will be up there till tomorrow. Grab 'em while they're there.

I went back to work yesterday. Had tons of work, and we were short-handed yesterday. So much to do to close out the month of November still.

I forgot to mention, but last Friday, my husband came into my tiny home office, and asked, "How do you feel about snow?"

I quickly turned and lifted the blinds on the window next to my chair, and voila! It was snowing. The flakes were big ... and really wet looking. They were not around a long time, and didn't stick. It wasn't cold enough for that, but that was our first snow around my house.

It was much cooler yesterday, and promises to be the same today. We had light showers throughout Sunday night, so it was wet when I left yesterday morning. By tomorrow, and through Friday, we are expecting rain.

It will soon be time to break out the winter coats. Ugh!

Have a really great Tuesday.

3 new free graphics each day

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