Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creating Anything with PNG Graphic Tubes

Good morning,

Just wanted to keep in touch.

New png graphic tubes are going up daily at my website and will be up for the month of September for today and tomorrow. At that time, I will take those down ... and begin the month of October.

This little creation was just something I threw together this morning to show you the versatility of using png graphic tubes.

If your child likes to read, and you just bought them a book, you could make this little gift tag for the book. You could even personalize it by putting their name in; i.e. Because Jamie likes to Read.

Only 2 of the items in this creation are actually on my website ... or will be soon. You just have to keep checking.

You can set up folders for the items: papers, characters, borders, frames, decos, flowers, etc. And then you know where to get an item when you want it. Set up a main folder such as Easy As Pie Daily Graphics and put your subfolders inside. Then you will also know WHERE you got them.

Creating is fun! And digital creating is the best ... at least for me.

I hope you'll take time to check out the png graphic tubes. Download them. No email address captured to get them -- no real committment or info to give out.

If you like them, and use them ... it would be nice if you'd take time to sign the guestbook though.

Have a great day! Happy creating!

P/CU use w/credits to the creator (thank you).

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