Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Day for PNG graphics 10s917-kit -- New Kit starting tomorrow (10s923)

Good morning,

Png graphics over the last few days and new ones tomorrow are featured in this little Soccer Tonite picture.

The pink flower graphic and the note square are in tomorrows new png graphics kit (10s923-kit), while the other three flowers are featured in today's final pack (10s917-kit).

The final package today, picked up over several days, comes to a total of 57 pngs.

If you're looking for some new png graphics to scrap with, whether it's for scrapping family pictures or doing your own cards, come on over and pick these up. They are P/CU with credits to the creator (me).

Putting together your creative projects can be fast and easy using any png graphics. This took only a minute to put together! Wow! So fast ... so easy!!!

These particular pngs did not need resizing. This is the size they are, so you won't spend a lot of time reducing each one.

Hoping your day ... and evening are wonderful!



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