Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free PNG file for readers Today

Good morning,

I'm trying something new here today. I hope to post a free download here for the blog. I've never tried that before, but have seen it done on many other blogs.

Ahhh! After reading my help file, it has to be "hosted", so I've made a page to host it.

After you get there, the 3 items are in png format. Right click the zip, save target as -- to your graphics program on your computer. Once it opens, select all, and download into your programs appropriate file.

There are 4 totally different ones that go with this set over at my website. You can find them at:

And there are even more still for this set at the forum. Go there to get the password to finish out this collection.

These were made for a black OR very, very dark background. Be creative in their use.

If you download these free graphics, I'd like for you to answer what you liked about each kit, in the guestbook for that page. That is all I ask; and, of course, credit for the graphics I created.

You can find the png I've done for the blog today here. (Come October, all files will come down to make new for new ones.)

Hope you have a terrific day!


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