Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Graphics in PNG file format

Good afternoon,

I've had a whole week's vacation, but come tomorrow morning ... it's back to work.

I've revamped my website at, and added a forum at the website:, and of course; I've been trying to post here more often.

The picture today is featuring some of the kits I'm offering, downloadable, in png format, at both my website and my forum. I love all the kits, and the one with the red frame is featured today, 9/12/10. I hope you head over and pick them up.

My website will house these graphics for the month of September, and then they will be replaced with new ones.

The kits can be used for pu/cu (personal use or commercial use) with credits to me as their creator.

I would appreciate hearing if you download and use them; and even seeing how you create with them.

Until tomorrow, I'll leave things at this ... and I hope to see you around the forum. Eventually, I hope to be able to post a few "mini" lessons on how I do certain things.


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