Saturday, September 25, 2010

PNG Graphics Download-Lots of Graphics For Scrapbooking

Good morning!

Another png graphics kit is up on my website right now ... til the end of September.

Pictured are some of the items in the kit.

The png graphics can be picked up in kit 10s925- for day 25 (1a-5 pngs), day 26 (1b-6 pngs), day 27 (1c-14 pngs), day 28 (1d-7 pngs), day 29 (1e-4 pngs) and day 30 (1f-10 pngs). That makes a total of 46 png graphics in this kit.

Before publishing on October 1st, the September pages will be removed.

You can check out the kits at:

Have a terrific day!


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